Producer: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney – all instruments and voices
Linda McCartney – harmonies

Label: Apple STAO 3363

Sir Paul, when asked the overall theme of this album, replied
(not an exact quote): “Domesticity, love, devotion”. Now a lot of
folks who don’t care for this album are probably objecting to this
intention–after all, isn’t rock music supposed to be rebellion and
social angst and related torments? What Paul does here he does beau-tifully: a homespun sound overflowing with…well…domesticity,
love, and devotion. I listen to this album (and Ram as well) and
his clear joy of being with Linda and away from his hassle-laden
former mates (alas!) is a wonder to listen to. And there is room
for some rock (Mama Miss America, Oo You), some fun (That Would be
Something, Man We was Lonely), some classic Paul singles (Maybe I’m Amazed, Every Night), some experimenting (Kreen-Akrore–what the heck is that??). A lovely album.