All Ears

10 original song hits with a CB theme: When America falls in love it falls hard. And then it celebrates in song. So it is with Citizens Band 2-way radio, otherwise known as “ears”. This album, a real slice of Americana-mid-Seventies, tells it like on the open road. Music for every taste – pop, rock, soul, country, truckin’ – sung and told in the vernacular around which Good Buddies have built a cult of togetherness. “All Ears” is contemporary folk music for the “now” generation. And Radio Shack, who commissioned it, is like they say on TV, the only place you can find it.

Songs performed by Shirley & Squirrely (1), Randy Goodrum (2), Bob Gelotte (3), Ed Bernet (4, 10), Johnny Hemphill (5, 6), Mac Wiseman (7), Curtis Young (8), Oscar Ray (9).

Realistic Cat. No. 50-6002
Original release date is unknown.